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 Frequently Asked Questions

Here you should find answers to any questions you might want to ask about the Hinckley Field Walking Group.

If you've got a query that's not answered here, please feel free to contact us through this website.


 Questions and Answers

  1. What is the age range for membership ?
    All children are welcome so long as they are sensible and well supervised by a parent or guardian. Currently our Insurance covers persons up to the age of 75. Over 75 we request that members seek personal insurance.
  2. What is the policy for disabled members ?
    Membership is open to all. We welcome all skills, practical as well as historical research.
  3. Do you need any qualifications or experience ?
    No, just an interest in Archaeology / History! All relevant training is provided. Also Leicestershire County Council Archaeological Department run training days from time to time for beginners and as refreshers.
  4. What are the techniques for Field Walking ?
    Please go to Menu option, Links and select web-site for Short Guide to Field Walking Techniques by BAJR
  5. Do you need to purchase any equipment ?
    No, just wellingtons or boots ! The Group has all the necessary equipment for field walking, metal detecting and digs. However, you may prefer to own your own trowel !
  6. Can you go out field walking anywhere ?
    No, it is very important that the land owner has given permission for a given number of people, for a given time on a given field or area. Respect for their land and crops is vital at all times.
  7. What happens when the Group finds a site of special interest ?
    The Group reports all field walking activities to the Leicestershire County Council Archaeological Department. If the Group suspects that a site of special interest has been found :
    1. they take all the "finds" and any relevant data to the Arch. Dept for examination.
    2. the Arch. Dept. will visit the site and assess the Archaeology and whether it should be recorded on the National Heritage Environment Record (HER).
  8. Who owns the "finds" ?
    The land owner officially owns all the "finds". The Group catalogues all the "finds" with a unique reference number to identify each "find" and its location. If the landowner gives permission for the Group to keep the "finds", some are kept by the Group for display and training purposes and the remainder are boxed and stored at Leicestershire County Council Archaeological Department.
  9. Does the Group have a Constitution, Health & Safety Schedules and First Aiders ?
    Yes. Please click on each of the above to access this information in .pdf format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat PDF reader to be able to view these documents. If you don't already have this, you can download it for free using this link.
    Please note that HFWG members are requested to be personally responsible for being "up to date" with their Tetanus vaccinations.

  10. Has the Group been supported by any grants ?
    Yes, the Group has received two grants :
    1. 22,000 from the Lottery Heritage Initiative in Feb. 2005 for 3 years to produce a publication on two villages local to Hinckley; Wykin and Higham on the Hill
    2. 500 from the Leicestershire County Council Better Communities Scheme in March 2005 to investigate a site adjacent to the St. Mary's Church in Hinckley.
    HFWG has been supported by Local Heritage Initiative


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