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a HFWG project brick lined well in the grounds of Elm Hall Farm

 Where there's a well there's a way

Three members of the Peak District Mines Historical Society were called in by HFWG to explore several wells in the local village of Higham.

This is what they found.....


 The Wells of Higham-on-the-Hill

The photograph shows one of the cavers descending the first well in the garden of Elm Hall Farm, with camera firmly attached, to record the construction of the well and estimate the depth. Possibly Victorian in age, the brick lined well was in good condition, with only a few old bricks and tiles recovered from the muddy deposits at the bottom.

one of the cavers about to descend the well
close up view of base of brick lined well

On the left is a closer view of the bottom of the well at Higham, just above the water level. It clearly shows the interesting construction of curved bricks which appeared to still be in very good condition.

Three other wells were investigated at Higham Hall each with different construction and accessibility.

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